Analisa Sentimen Reuni 212 Menggunakan Bahasa R

  • Hudi Kusuma Bharata
  • HS Sulistyowati


Sentiment Analysis regarding Reunion 212 year 2018 which expressed through tweets is an interesting phenomenon to be studied. Reunion 212 year 2018 is an event that is in the spotlight of most Indonesian people and will automatically provoke pro, contra or neutral opinions.

The research method used is a one-shot experiment with Twitter as a research data source. Specific period tweets are then collected into local folders in the form of CSV files, followed by read, processed and classification by comparing each single word wih the positive and negative Indonesian words library. Each word group was calculated as a positive, neutral and negative classification will then scored and  visualized in histogram and wordcloud graphs. Prior to arithmetic calculation is carried out, the tweet data obtained is cleared from unused characters such as ^, @, http: // sign and with the support of the Indonesian stopword library, the sentences will be decomposed under KBBI rules.

The expected results are illustrations of  a people sentiment analysis regarding the Reunion 212 happened in year 2018 obtained from social networks represented by the Twitter community and processed with a scientific approach.