Program Pengolahan Tunjangan Cuti Pegawai Pada PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry

  • Author Super STMIK
  • Christa Laura Br Bukit Manajemen Informatika, AMIK BSI Bekasi
  • Verra Sofica Teknik Informatika, STMIK Nusa Mandiri
Keywords: Allowance Leave Employee, Program


In a company must find the name of the payroll allowance in relation to the payroll, but the allowance of employee leave at PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry is different from every other company. The problem in this research is PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry is still using manual or un computerized system and there are frequent mistakes in employee leave allowance data, delay in making employee leave report and less effective and efficient employee when doing leave allowance. Based on the problem, it is necessary to make an effective and efficient leave allowance application at PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry using Java Netbeans 8.1 so that PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry make ease of data processing procedure of leave allowance and employee data processing become effective and efficient.