Perancangan Sistem Informasi Penggajian Karyawan Berbasis Web Pada PT. MINTRA INTI BERSAMA Jakarta

  • Author Super STMIK
  • Vivi Ardiyah Informatics Management, AMIK BSI Bekasi
  • Nicodias Palasara Information System, STMIK Nusa Mandiri Jakarta
Keywords: web programming, information system, payroll


The rapid development of information technology makes the need for various information increasing. Payroll calculation is very important in supporting the way a company to achieve the desired goals. With data processing program then the information will be faster, precise and accurate in its presentation. PT. Joint core partner is one of the companies engaged in services. By using a web program can perform input and data storage quickly and can easily find the data we want, so as to reduce the errors that often occur. The method of data collection used by the author is by waterfall method. The author makes the final task of designing information systems employee-based payroll web at PT. Mitra Inti Bersama Jakarta with the hope to overcome the obstacles that have occurred in the payroll system manually, and can assist in preparing employee payroll reports..